Our Story

Sparkle Connection finds Truth = Power = Balance for others.


Sparkle Connection’s truth, is we are truth seekers for others.  Our truth is we allow others to see, hear and feel their truth.  With this truth people are able to identify who they are and what parts of them are incongruent with their whole.  It is about bringing into balance the PH level in your soil.


Sparkle Connection’s power, are the tools we have created for others to be in their power.  These tools are chosen based on what is right for each person.  Everybody is unique and therefore these tools can be customised specifically for you.  It is also about planting the right seeds in your life, what is right for you to grow in your life.  Sparkle Connection can help you get very clear about the specific seeds you need in your life.  You cant plant things in the wrong season.  Sparkle Connection will also help you identify the seasons in your life, that means what is important to you.


Balance is what happens when you have the right soil, tools, seeds and the right seasons, to reap balance in your life.

Sparkle Connection has created a blueprint for truth = power = balance


How we give to others

Sparkle connection also gifts $1 from every product sold to find the truth of Alzheimer’s and give the power and balance back to those with that illness and their families.  This is done in honour of Tracy’s mum who was diagnosed with Alzheimers at the age of 69.  She passed away after having Alzheimers for over 10 years of her life.