Tracy – the Creator

Tracy’s background has been in developing people professionally and personally for over 20 years.  With a Masters in Human Resources Management, Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education, NLP trainers Trainer, Reiki Master, Advanced Crystal Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, Medicine Tool Maker, A Channeller and Shaman in the city.  She has combined all these different modalities to create simple tools and products to help people to find Truth = Power = Balance.

Tracy worked in large complex organisations at senior levels and found that people didn’t live in their truth, some used power over others and many didn’t have a balance in their lives.

Tracy found that she too was living a life that wasn’t her truth, she at times disempowered herself and was unbalanced in her life, leading to some health issues and unhappiness.  There had to be an answer.

Using herself as a great example, Tracy created tools and techniques to find truth = power = balance.  She recognised her truths, she founds ways to live her truths, she was then in her power and what flowed from that was balance.  Balance became, health, wellbeing and happiness to name a few.


Tracy Brumby-Cameron

Tracy Brumby-Cameron