Boxed Set of 5 Spiritual Life Sparkle range


Product Description

The boxed set of the Spiritual Life Sparkle® range can include any 5 of the following essences:

  • My sparkle
  • Animal sparkle
  • Nature sparkle
  • Celestial sparkle
  • Our sparkle
  • Tribal sparkle – African
  • Tribal sparkle – Aboriginal
  • Tribal sparkle – Native American Indian

These products are great to combine when using as life is complex and multi layered.

We recommend purchasing the first 5 spiritual sparkle essences together, but any combination is effective.

These products contain: purified water and 33%brandy.

Purchase any 5 essences in the range and save $10. Only pay $90.

With every bottle sold $1 will be gifted to Alzheimer’s research.  Thank you.


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