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Product Description

Clarity spray has been created to enable you to have courage, determination, motivation and focus.  You will be clear about goal setting and getting.  It will protect against manipulation and allow you to discern the truth.  Personal empowerment through removable obstacles.  This spray is aligned to the throat chakra.

These sprays have been created to work in and around your aura.  They will assist to create the energy intention in the space.

Do not spray near your eyes.

This spray can form a part of a great healers spray pack including:

Happiness spray – crown chakra

Psychic Ability spray – third eye chakra

Clarity Spray – throat chakra

Love Spray – heart chakra

Inspiration & achievement spray – solar plexus chakra

Growth & Potential – sacral chakra

Clearing & Protection – base chakra

Relaxation – all the chakras

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