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Would you like to own your own beautiful drum?

Drum making is a powerful healing experience. It heals the whole of your life, allowing you to let go of things that don’t serve you anymore. Making you whole, and empowered.

I will personally make your drum.

I will make the drum with honour, respect and your intention.  I will personally select the hide that tells me that it is your hide.  I make my drums out of deerhide.

Even if you don’t make the drum, you will receive the healing of the drum making journey.  I will give you a pictorial story of your drum along with any messages I receive.

You will receive a bag to carry your drum in, a handmade beater, instructions on caring for your drum and a CD demonstrating drum beats with a 5 minute shamanic drumming journey meditation.

This is a great option if you don’t live near me, but if you do, you might want to make the drum with me, one on one.

The drum will take a month to dry once made.  I will let you know about the cost of postage.

If you dont want to wait a month, I will probably have a drum ready and waiting, so please contact me and I can email you the pictures of any current drums ready for sale.

For a no obligation chat about your beautiful drum, please contact me on:

Mobile: 0419 733 361

Email: tracy@sparkleconnection.com

Facebook: Tracy Brumby-Cameron or Sparkle Connection

Special Drum Tracy has made for Chief Spirit Hawk

I was extremely honoured and blessed to be asked by Chief Spirit Hawk of the Sioux Blackfoot tribe of Northern Canada to make him a new drum as his old drum had been stolen.  The Chief said “I need a drum that will last my legacy and for those whom survive me in memory and time of my life as my drum was handed down to me; shall my next drum be handed to my children….I want to trust in someone to make me one; with pride, heart and soul; for the drum will carry the rhythm of my ancestors and their spirits as I offer the sounds of the beating hearts through the wind of the next generation”.

With that honour I went about making his drum.  Personally, it was a spiritually profound, humbling and enlightening journey.   His ancestors, guides and animal totems all joined me during its creation.  There were many wonderful powerful messages within this drum.  I created a pictorial and written journal of the drum for the Chief to hand over to his children sometime in the future.  The Chiefs drum turned out to be the most beautiful drum I have ever made.

When the Chief received the drum, this is what he said, “It has come full circle, the drum is beautiful; it is everything I dreamt it would be…I was blessing it before I heard the sound of it, as I hummed in blessing I struck the drum its deep vibration echoed a low tone that matched my voice.  What an amazing match its energy holds.  Thank you so much for filling my heart, for my beat is complete”.

Here is a picture of the Chiefs drum upon his medicine wall.

Chiefs medicine wall 2


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