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Do you have unhealthy relationships?

Do you keep making the same mistake with your relationships? Are you having difficulty speaking your truth? Are you just following what your parents have done in their ineffective relationships?

Tracy will get to the core of your life and relationship issues and will heal your damaging patterns in a practical way.

You will experience profound and immediate changes in your life and things will be different after you leave your session, because your balance has been restored.

You will be given vibrational products to provide ongoing support of your new way of being.

Listen to what one client said after her 1 hour healing session

I feel on top of the world. I have been feeling so right in the head so balanced in emotion so calm when getting a point across. I would normally get quite passive aggressive but I am being calm and understanding.

I am feeling quite easy going and my partner and I are doing really well at the moment. We are enjoying each others company. I was able to say to him that I thought that our relationship has been given the shake it needed. It has given us a new appreciation of each other and that we are both trying to be better people towards each other and taking the time to listen and hear each other which has been a great thing. He agreed with me so that’s a first of I hope many to come.

…….I think me feeling so good in myself has helped me to feel less held back by our relationship and it has helped me to communicate how I’m feeling without getting frustrated.

I have also found in dealing with my own clients that my healings and massage has been more intuitive, and the results have been fantastic.”

Tracy lives in Brisbane and offers healing by appointment, call now 0419 733 361.

Cant get there, why not call Tracy for a distance healing on 0419 733 361.

Investment in a 1 hour session is $90


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