Nature sparkle


Product Description

Nature sparkle will assist you to connect with all the nature spirits being, trees, plants, fairies and the earth.  This essence will provide wisdom, guidance, learning and healing.  It enables you to be part of the earth, on it and in it.  In tune with everything around.  Have a long term focus.  Move slower with more efficiency in life.  Being aware of the bigger picture as well as the detail.  Great clarity.

This is a vibrational essence that can be taken as drops under the tongue.  You can combine this essence with the others in the life sparkle® or spiritual life sparkle® range depending on what is going on in your life in that moment.

This product contains: purified water and 33%brandy.

A great way to save, is by purchasing any 5 or 3 essences the boxed spiritual life sparkle® set and save $10.

With every bottle sold $1 will be gifted to Alzheimer’s research.  Thank you.


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